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Our most popular course. This will build on your current Excel skills. This course will cover all aspects of creating spreadsheets, performing calculations, formatting and using page setup for printing. Getting Excel to make decisions using the ‘If’ function and conditional formatting, You’ll learn how to create templates for commonly used worksheets. This course will also enable you to create, build and customise graphs. Existing Excel users whom have not had any formal training finds this course extremely useful, as it will bridge the gap in your knowledge of Excel.

Course Content

Excel Basics
The Excel Screen • Moving About the Workbook • Simple Data Entry • Selecting Ranges • Saving Workbook Formats

Copying & Filling
Using Fill for Quick Copying • Copying Cell(s) to One / Many Cells & Worksheets

Editing Data
Overwriting / Editing Cell Contents • Editing Formulae / Functions • Using Undo / Redo • Search & Replace

Adjusting a Worksheet
Inserting / Deleting Cells • Inserting / Deleting / Resizing Rows / Columns

Working With Worksheets
Copying / Moving / Renaming Worksheet(s) • Inserting / Deleting / Grouping Worksheets • Hiding & Unhiding Worksheets

Formulae that Add / Subtract / Multiply / Divide • BODMAS / Formula Error Checking • The Sum Function

Formatting in Excel
Formatting Numbers / Dates / Currency • Formatting for Effect Bolding/ Italics/ Underling • Cell / Background Colours • Cell Alignment

Working with Functions
Summing Non-Contiguous Ranges • Count / Average / Maximum / Minimum Functions

Viewing Worksheets
Hiding / Unhiding Columns / Rows • Freezing Panes / Splitting Windows

Paste Special
Paste Special to Copy Formulae / Formats / Validations • Paste Special to Add / Multiple & Transpose

Fill Series
Filling a Series with formatting / without formatting • Filling a weekdays • Fill data using stop value

Absolute Referencing
Problems with Absolute / Relative Cell Referencing, Creating Absolute / Mixed References

Define Names & Lables
Creating / Deleting Labels/ Names • Creating / Using Names in Formulas/ Across Workbooks

Creating, Formatting Simple PivotTables • Page Field in a PivotTable • Formatting a PivotTable • Creating / Modifying a PivotChart

LOOKUP Functions
The VLOOKUP / HLOOKUP Functions • MATCH with VLOOKUP Functions

Logical Functions
IF's and Nested IF Functions • Using AND / OR / NOT Functions

Statistical Functions
Using The SUMIF / COUNTIF Functions • Using The AVERAGE / COUNT / LARGER / SMALLER Functions

Date / Time Functions
Using The TODAY • NOW & DATE Functions • Using The DATEDIF/ NETWORKDAYS/ EOMONTH Functions.

Text Functions
Using The MID/ SEARCH/ LEFT/ RIGHT Functions • Using The TRIM/ CLEAN/ UPPER/ LOWER Functions.

Input Messages / Error Alerts/ Drop-Down Lists • Conditional Formatting

Chart Data Techniques
The Chart Wizard • Chart Types • Adding Title / Legends / Lables • Printing Charts • Adding Data to a Chart • Formatting / Renaming / Deleting Data Series • Changing the Order of Data Series

Hyper linking data, within sheet / workbook • Linking & Updating links between workbooks & application

Filters & Data Sorting
Applying & Using AutoFilter • Creating a Custom AutoFilter • Sorting On More Than One Column

Simple Printing / Previewing • Page Setup & Orientation • Creating and Formatting Page Headers / Footers • Custom views

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Microsoft Certification:

The advanced excel program conducted at our company was excellent. Trainer exhibited a high level of proficiency in explaining excel concepts to us. Speed of training was in line with the grasping capacity of the participants. All queries were answered promptly. Overall a very educational session conducted by Excel Prodigy which will definitely add value in day to day working using excel.

<b>Glenn Dsouza,</b></br> Finance Controller,</br> Alcon Constructions Goa Pvt Ltd

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