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Excel is an essential tool for any business. Effective application of this powerful tool allows the users to compile and manipulate huge amount of data, deliver comprehensive results, and present complex information with ease.

Course Content:

Excel Basics

  • Intro Excel 2013
  • Auto Fill, Custom List & Fill Series
  • AutoComplete Option
  • Different methods of selecting Range
  • Useful Shortcuts
  • Special Formats - Numbers & Dates
  • Different File Format (XLS, XLSX, XLSM)

Work with Multiple Worksheet

  • Insert, Delete & Rename Sheets
  • Copy and Move Sheets
  • Worksheet Groups
  • Using the Clipboard Group
  • Using Paste Special

Cell Referencing

  • Problems using Relative References
  • Using Absolute References
  • Using Mixed Reference

Conditional Function

  • Basic IF statement
  • Nested IF statements
  • Combining IF with AND, OR, NOT
  • IFERROR & ISNA Function

Data Cleaning

  • LEFT(), RIGHT(), MID(); LEN()
  • Join Cells using & (ampersand), CONCATENATE()

Statistical Function


PivotTable reports

  • PivotTable layout
  • Rearranging data
  • Filtering a report
  • Adding fields
  • Field settings
  • Refreshing data
  • Formatting a PivotTable
  • Showing detail
  • Create a calculated field
  • Advanced data field settings

PivotChart reports

  • Creating a PivotChart
  • Creating PivotChart Reports from scratch
  • Adding fields to a PivotChart


  • Create & modify charts
  • Different Chart Types
  • Adding data to existing chart
  • Combo Chart - Columns & Line
  • Secondary Axis Chart

File protection

  • Attaching a password
  • Modifying a password

MIS Reporting

  • Highlight & Remove Duplicate
  • Compare Reports
  • Converting Text to Number/Date
  • Find & Replace
  • Go To (Special) Options
  • Slicer
  • Spark Lines

Working with Data Lists

  • Custom & Multiple Sort
  • Subtotals
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Create automatic Subtotals
  • Text to Columns
  • Use the Group and Outline feature

Conditional Formatting

  • Cell Rules
  • Top-Bottom Rules
  • Data bars, Gradient fills, Icon sets
  • Managing multiple conditional formata

Data validation

  • Limiting the range of values
  • Drop down lists
  • Error alerts

Lookup Function

  • VLOOKUP - Exact Match
  • VLOOKUP - Approximate Match
  • Nested VLOOKUP


  • Protecting cells/Range
  • Hide Formulas
  • Protecting Worksheet
  • Protecting Workbook

Goal Seek

  • Using Goal Seek


  • Worksheet linking
  • Workbook linking

Importing data

  • Importing CSV files
  • Text import wizard

Exporting data

  • Choosing a specific format
  • Exporting to word
  • Pasting data with a link
  • Copying a graph with a link

Formula Auditing

  • Tracing precedent & dependants
  • Display/Hide formulas
  • Error Checking
  • Evaluate Formulas
  • Fixing Formulas Errors

Page Setup

  • Printing

Excel is a spreadsheet application, a part of Microsoft Office. Our course is designed to help you Excel as a pro. Mere knowledge about data input or knowledge about basic functions is insufficient. Excel Advanced is intends to equip your knowledge with advanced functions, and execute all tasks with numbers. From analysis, forecasting, budgeting, charts, graphing and formulas, we help you unleash the advanced excel function.

Working knowledge on advanced functions of excel is a core of many industries and varied functional specializations. Excel Advanced is an interactive training program, which provides hands-on learning experience. It elevates the understanding of excel from basics and intermediary to advanced level.

  • We create real time examples.
  • Step by step training process
  • Enrich your application knowledge from basic to advanced functions
  • Trained by Certified Professionals
  • Shorten your task time and enhance your efficiency
  • Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
• Ideal for the employers who have basic working knowledge on excel.

Why Us:

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Industry Expert Trainer
  • Practical Hand-on Session
  • Real World Examples
  • Microsoft Certification
  • Post Training Support

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Microsoft Certification:

The advanced excel program conducted at our company was excellent. Trainer exhibited a high level of proficiency in explaining excel concepts to us. Speed of training was in line with the grasping capacity of the participants. All queries were answered promptly. Overall a very educational session conducted by Excel Prodigy which will definitely add value in day to day working using excel.

<b>Glenn Dsouza,</b></br> Finance Controller,</br> Alcon Constructions Goa Pvt Ltd

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