Corporate Testimonial

We trained 22,500+ Professionals from 30+ Cities in India

  • BNP Paribas

    We have been associated with Excel Prodigy for last one year for our requirement on MS Excel Training The course has been designed and delivered excellently as per our Organisational need, our employees has benefited the Training. Excellent transfer of knowledge and tips. The trainer had a very good teaching style which made learning easy. The course was ideal for the level required competently explained in a relaxed and expert manner. Every time there was a improved learning because trainer knew our expectation. I strongly recommend Excel Prodigy for other organisation.
    -Girish Rajan, Manager - Learning & Development

    "The advanced excel program conducted at our company at Goa was excellent. Yousuf exhibited a high level of proficiency in explaining excel concepts to us. Speed of training was in line with the grasping capacity of the participants. All queries were answered promptly. He interspersed the training program with humorous anecdotes so that it felt lively and interesting. Overall a very educational session conducted by Yousuf which will definitely add value in day to day working using excel"
    -GLENN DSOUZA, Finance Controller
  • Larsen & Toubro (L&T) IDPL

    Yousuf has conducted Intermediate and Advanced Excel Program for L&T employees. Apart from being very knowledgeable about Excel, Yousuf is a very effective trainer. To ensure the knowledge transfer happens effectively, Yousuf designs practice exercices which consolidate the learnings at each step. Yousuf customizes his program according to the audience’s comfort level. Patience – an admirable virtue for a teacher, is in abundance in Yousuf. This makes the learning experience a far more enjoyable process. We received positive feedback from our employees about Yousuf’s program content and delivery. Hence, we recommend him highly for anybody eager to learn Excel.
    -Kalyani Vemuri, Manager – HR
  • Financial Express (Fedby)

    "Mohammed is an excellent trainer and is so proficient in delivering excel training. He is very knowledgeable and explains concepts with great clarity. His training materials are simple but yet in detail and can be used as a good reference guide at any point in time. He is a humble, committed worker and would put in 100% of his effort in whatever he embarks on. I have witnessed his "never give up" attitude when he works on the most complicated excel templates. We as a company has truly benefitted from his excel training and look forward for a long term association with him."
    -Bhagirathi Kanagaraj, HR Manager
  • Sundram Fasteners Limited (SFL)

    "The trainer is knowledgeable. He has extensive experience. He taught all the nuances of Excel very patiently. I recommend this program for all the employees. I have been enriched by this training program. I am keen to apply the new acquired skill in work."

    -R. Dilip Kumar, Sr. GM Finance

    "The Training met expectation. Trainer involvement in clarifying the doubts/issues is good. Overall training in very satisfactory."

    -S. Meenakshisundaram, President Finance
  • Acclaris India Service Center

    “We had a wonderful experience learning from Yousuf. What we learned is very much useful in our every day functions. Yousuf has a sound knowledge into almost every function. His methodology of explaining the function/formula followed by exercises to work upon is excellent and highly appreciated. Looking forward for more opportunities to learn from him. His training was very impressive & he planned it very well too with the actual content first & then the practical with examples. From the entrire team @ Acclaris, we thank you for the wonderful training.”
    -Latha Dantuluri, Manager - Operations
  • ST-CMS Electric Company (TAQA)

    "Yousuf's design of the program and his hands on training approach were excellent. Even though our employees were reasonably well versed with Excel, they could pick up a lot of nuances. He provided good examples and explanations for all questions. Yousuf was extremely patient and ensured that the understanding was complete with all trainees before moving on to the next subject. For achangel attending a training programme was also fun. I would strongly recommend this training for all levels."
    -Sreedhar Subramanian, Chief Financial Officer
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC)

    "Very informative and useful session. The way the trainer builds the interest in the subject is really good. Could have improved on the logical sequencing of discussing the topics. I have attended Advanced Excel Training before but the topics discussed here have never been done before. Great Work !!"

    -Harshit Agarwal

    "This training was very useful to me as it was important for me to be proficient and familiar with the Excel Program. It was more informative than other usual Excel training programs that I had previously attended. Hope there are many more such similar trainings in the near future, so that I can update my technical skills and knowledge."

    -Kripa Thomas

    "Very informative session provided by Yousuf. He is very knowledgeable in MS Excel and he literally knows everything to do with Excel. It is always beneficial to have someone who possesses great knowledge in the field to teach you. These training sessions will be very helpful to us in the future. Thank you."

    A K Narasimhan

    "Training covered some of the aspects which are difficult to find in internet and was very useful. Some topics like table formats and pivot tables were dealt in detail and helped us in understanding lot more options in excel than what we could do otherwise. Overall it was nice learning process with right amount of exercises and teaching.

    -Nithin S

    "The Training is quite a valuable one. The practice session coupled in the training is the highlight and in fact that resolved most of our practical errors that we are used to while using excel on our day to day."

    -G KalyanaRaman

    "The training has helped me learn some amazing 'tricks' in Excel and Yousuf's inexhaustible patience makes one interact with him ease, clearing any number of doubts, silly or big. The training definitely makes you more resourceful while working with reports and analysis."

    -Alekhya Boyalla

  • Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    "Even though I had sufficient knowledge of Excel but trainer did help me in exploring and discovering new techniques that would improve my efficiency at work and hence more accuracy."
    -Upasana Gautam

    "Superb Training. Never knew excel training can be so fun and non-tiring. Yusuf explains the need, concepts and usages and then show how excel is used achieve results. "
    - Manjunath

    "Felt the training was worth full as we do day in day out exercises in excel, specifically pivot tables & charts. I would be willing to attend these kind of training sessions in the future as well. Special thanks to Mr. Mohammed Yousuf."
    - Altaf Sheik,
  • Nalco, an ECOLAB Company

    "The training is very useful as the trainer covered the most relevant topics which comes in our daily work along with the example data sheets and have made sure that we practice all the exercises in the class rooms. Whenever we had any doubts, he cleared them and also gave some useful tips/tricks and commonly used short cuts."
    -Kiran, Technical Engineer

    "It was really eye opening training for us. It showed the power of excel and what magic can be done in short time for developing report from complex data.It will be certainly help us to reduce our man hours to work on reports and doing data analysis."
    -Shailesh Firake, Procurement Manager

    "This programme was really helpful in my day to day task at office. Trainer mostly dealt with topics which are common and taught tricks which will save time. It will surely increase my productivity."
    -Swati Shukla