B-School Testimonials

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  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 1st Batch - 2015

    The trainer explained difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner & has a respectable level of knowledge about the subject matter. A highly recommended course as one will learn a lot of useful concepts & tricks from the course.
    -Nikhil Patel

    Compact and highly useful and effective training session. Even if someone uses excel on daily basis, the insights and tricks told are very useful for further improving the proficiency and productivity.
    -Mudit Srivastava

    We have studied so many subjects in IIMB taken in 30 hrs. But your 12 hour session is more useful than any other course I studied in IIMB. I request you to please offer a course in IIMB by talking to management.
    -Prasanna K

    The training was fantastic because I did't feel bored for a single moment as it was very interactive. Doubts were cleared individually. Training exercises and material was sufficient for learning concepts. Thanks :)
    -Priyanka Verma
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 2nd Batch - 2016

    The training was very structured and this made two full day session all the more interesting and worth attending. I suggest all the students who irrespective of what they are studying to attend this training. I learnt that Microsoft Excel can be used much more productively after I attended this training :) :)
    -Mohan Raj M

    Excellent and very practical training. Would be highly useful for all professionals. Would recommend the training to all.
    -Prabuddha Guha

    This is a must attend session for all graduates.I really loved the way how the session was carried out. The humour was an add on
    -Jayanthan Kingsly

    It was way over my expectation. Very good workshop.
    -Joy Kiran Toppo

    Excellent and very practical training. Would be highly useful for all professionals. Would recommend the training to all.
    -Prabuddha Guha

    It is very useful and interactive in the sense that the instructor keeps involved. I will suggest to take it!
    -Vikas Kumar
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore 3rd Batch - 2017

    Yousuf Sir has a wry sense of humour which he uses to good effect while delivering his training. His subject knowledge is immense and he is ever ready to help. He also provides practical use of different excel applications. I recommend this training to all corporates and students who are entering their jobs. Thank you Sir.

    Absolutely relevant training! Really liked how much effort was put in by our trainer M. YOUSUF to ensure that everyone was on the same platform and was very involved. The knowledge and expertise came out very clearly. Thank you for the session!
    -Devika Mittal

    "It is one of the kind session which is very very relevant in the industry which will save time and energy. I really loved every moment of the session and wanted more and more with each passing minute. Trainer is awesome teacher. Thank you very much :-) Regards Kumar Satyamurthy Gompa
    -Gompa Kumar Satyamurthy

    " Starting with the trainer, the entire session was energetic. Coming from a non-computer engineering background, the training was exceptionally useful. The trainer was helpful, knowledgeable and energetic. I think the session added value positively to my career.
    -Shriram K

    "The stand-out thing about the workshop was how the instructor helped us understand the underlying logic that excel used while trying to access different options. It made the class more interesting and fun rather than being a monotonous tutorial. The content was also exhaustive and structured.
    -Bernard Eugine F
  • Indian Institute of Management, Indore

    Even after having worked for two years on excel in a corporate setting the session had even more to add up on my existing skills with new ideas and innovative methods of handling the problem.
    -Shivam Gupta

    The advance Excel course was very useful and the Practical applications were very apt and will definitely be useful in our academic and professional working environment. looking forward to attend such more Prodigy workshop and hence updated level of courses should be provided

    Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Very humble trainer who teaches the concepts well. Very much satisfied. Thank you.
    -Saavi Gaunekar

    The instructors is very fascinated with technology and its very inspiring. With a note on his high energy and good communication skill, this testimony ends. Enjoyed the class.
    -Madhukar K

    The overall structure of the course is very good, starting from the basics and then moving to advanced levels, it allows you to grasp the details efficiently. Also shortcuts taught are of great use.
    -Aman Singh
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur

    "Mr.Yousuf and his team were amazing. They were very cooperative and made analytics seem so easy. The best thing about him to break down complexity and simplicity. His word of caution were really insightful. Must attend workshop.
    -Faiz Akhtar

    " Excel prodigy was extremely professional throughout the duration of the course. The trainer was just too good with the excel and his teaching method was complementing his excel skills. A great learning experience.
    -Vishal Anand

    The class was very informative. I would have never known the depths of the Microsoft Excel, had I not gone for this course. I hope this knowledge is going to help me a lot in summer internship as well as in my corporate life.
    -Shaleen Choudhary

    The course instructor was well versed with the subject matter. He proved his excellence in the domain by breaking complexity into simplicity.
    -Faiz Akhtar Ansari

    Everyone should learn these skills to make sure we don't make any human error. After attending the session I realized that this is a necessity rather than a differentiation factor.
    -Sivaprasad M
  • MYRA School of Business, Mysore

    Worth Sacrificing a weekend, a very useful workshop which taught us how magically excel works.
    -Bhavyaruna Chittajallu

    Frankly saying, I haven't thought that, these sessions would be this much interesting before attending the workshop. You people explains the concepts in such an easy way so that any one could understand. To those who thinks that learning excel is very difficult, come to Excel Prodigy, these people will make you a champ in Excel.
    -Ajay Prathap Choppara

    "Training session was very interactive and useful as i have learned so many new features of MS excel and get so many hidden aspect and features which was not known by me . Now i feel i can do my job in less time compare to before, I recommend to increase training period with some more hands on practice.

    " The workshop was excellent.The trainer has a good knowledge about the subject.Trainers who were there to clear our doubts were very interactive.

    "The concept which was thought to me is very useful and they are clearly to understand and I learned many shortcuts in this workshop. The trainer who thought me is good and other one's also clarified my doubts and I would recommend to friends also.
  • NITIE, Mumbai

    It was a very useful session for me, the amount of knowledge which I have gained in just 2 days will substantially add to my career performance going ahead. Thank you Yousuf for the session :)
    -Shaikh Shadatli

    The workshop exceeded my expectations and Mr. Yousuf's methodology of teaching was excellent. Would surely recommend to all students
    -Nishant Gawande

    The tips and tricks provided will help me in increasing my productivity and thus i believe it was a fruitful experience.
    -Aashay Gupta